HEXUP are leading specialists in the chip tuning and re mapping of engine management systems (ECUs). We deliver impressive performance gains without compromising engines. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and work hard meet your needs. We will deliver a significant increase in power and Torque, a vehicle that is more rewarding to drive.

We work on a wide variety of vehicles not limited to the vehicles listed. Our expertise in the re-mapping of ECUs is second to none and the fact that each tune is individually created for your car ensures that you get the best possible results, giving an exciting new experience when driving your car.

NB: If getting up to a 20% improvement in diesel fuel economy sounds good to you, please get in touch!

We Aim To Please

HEXUP are committed to customer satisfaction. We don't exaggerate and our levels of tune will achieve excellent results without compromising your engine. To further confirm this commitment, you pay nothing unless you're 100% satisfied.


  • Mobile ECU Re-mapping
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Testing
  • Postal ECU Re-mapping
  • Excellent Customer Service

Vehicle List

  • Alfa Romeo
  • Audi
  • Seat
  • Skoda
  • VW
  • And More...
Vito 115
Thanks Pete from HEXUP for re-mapping my 54 plate Vito 115. The bottom end power has been transformed, and at 70mph my foot is barely touching the throttle. The throttle response in high gears is truly amazing and, on a recent trip of 165 miles up north on the A1 at speeds of between 65-70 mph, it averaged 54.2 to the gallon, not bad for a 2.2 turbo diesel van where the best it had done before was about 42 mpg. It's like having a new toy, Thanks again Pete.

Audi TT
I gave HEXUP a call after feeling my Audi TT seemed rather sluggish and am b****y glad I did, as I had only recently purchased the car I was unaware of its full potential!!! The first diagnostic log flagged up a fault with one of my boost sensors and (after fixing what was a broken wire, on site) the remapping was completed. 225bhp to 265bhp throws my head back into my seat every time I touch the accelerator!!! Thanks HEXUP for putting a mile wide grin on my face and for doing a 1st class job!!! (Cheers Pete!!!)

Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TFSI
Thanks for the diagnostic log. The change in performance is amazing, the torque is really obvious at low revs and the increase in power pushes me back into my seat when I accelerate hard; third gear is a blast for overtaking. I got 36.4 mpg driving to work this morning, obviously driving like an OAP on a Sunday drive out, whereas previously I was in the 35's, a small increase, but nice to know that if I still drive sensibly the re-map is not going to affect my fuel economy. However, the temptation to use the power in the next few days will be very difficult to ignore, boy with a new toy syndrome, and I will probably be down in the 20s mpgs for a while until the buzz has worn off.